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Life has its challenges and it is important to know that there are patterns to what people do to successfully bring their relationships back from what seems like the verge of disaster and failure.  Have you ever wondered how to discover the value of working things out rather than getting out? Or wondered if you could heal from the wrong doings and become stronger and more committed? Do you want to learn why divorce is unnecessary and learn how to have a loving and lasting relationship where you feel connected to your spouse? 
If you are feeling desperate about your relationship and your efforts to improve it know that it is never too late to save your marriage and overcome the “I love you but I am not in-love with you” and get your marriage back on track; even if everyone is telling you to move on. Know that most marriage problems are solvable even when the other spouse is struggling and doesn’t agree that they are solvable. You can change your life and transform your marriage no matter how long you feel the relationship has been on the negative side thus save your marriage from divorce. 
Together as a couple you can develop skills that will enhance your relationship and bring more fulfillment to your life; learning to have a loving and lasting relationship with your spouse. If you struggle with getting your spouse to be a part of the process you can individually learn how to engage your spouse, putting worth back into your relationship, and make changes that can enhance your relationship even when you feel your spouse has given up.  Learn the solution focused problem solving methods that work; setting solution oriented relationship goals. 

Whether you are both ready for the process or individually in different places in the relationship we can work with you to find solutions that work.
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